Workplace Giving

You may donate to The Warwick Cancer Foundation by establishing a Workplace Giving program. What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is the ideal way for organisations to support The Warwick Cancer Foundation. By Choosing us as your charity of the Year, or by holding the occasional fundraising activity, involving you employees in fundraising for our cause has never been easier.

An extension of Workplace Giving is Payroll Giving. This is the process of making regular pre-tax donations to The Warwick Cancer Foundation through the employer payroll system. Employees can nominate any amount to give from their salary, whether it’s $20, $50 or $100 per pay cycle, it is significantly important to us, especially when multiplied by a number of employees. What’s more, the donations are constant, allowing charities to more effectively plan for the use of funding in long-term programs. You won’t even need to keep a receipt because the donation is taken from your gross pay.

Employers may choose to match employee donations or donate a specified amount. The system is flexible.

Payroll Giving can be facilitated by using the service of:

CAF Australia

Australian Charities Fund

Click here for further information from the Australian Tax Office Website.