Wellness Escapes

The Warwick Cancer Foundation provides young adults with cancer, complimentary mid-week stays at beautiful retreats in Victoria, New South Wales and in Western Australia. Perfect for those in and recovering from treatment, these getaways ensure you get to rest and recharge in natural surroundings.

Young people with cancer face a unique set of issues, including financial strain often due to having to give up work, return home, and paying for their treatment. This can have a significant impact on their emotional health at a time when they are heavily focused on dealing with their physical health.

We are constantly sourcing accommodation providers that allow us to offer our members the opportunity to go on a Wellness Escape where they can enjoy complimentary accommodation during a 2 night mid-week stay. Meals, activities and travel to and from the Escape are at the members own cost, and members are welcome to do as much or as little as they like throughout their stay.

If you are a young adult with cancer and would be interested in a Wellness Escape for yourself and a loved one, please join as a member and we will be in contact shortly. You can join as a member by clicking here and filling our the membership enquiry form.

Please note that waiting times may apply and we encourage you to get in contact with us to discuss your escape.