Resources for Newly Diagnosed

A diagnosis of cancer can be a shock, making you feel out of control, confused, angry, alone, overwhelmed, anxious and/or depressed. So many questions needing answers; why me? How did I get this? Could I have done something to prevent it? How do I tell my family and friends? What about work? Will I have to stop Uni? What will treatment feel like? The list is endless. Getting informed can help alleviate these feelings. First thing to remember, you are not alone. There are approximately 100,000 Australians who have been diagnosed with cancer this year. The Warwick Cancer Foundation connects adults under 40, like you, through closed Facebook groups and other programs and services.

Why it’s so important to talk to other Young Adults with cancer;

• Talking to others who are experiencing the same feelings can help minimise isolation

• Quite often, talking to someone who has been through cancer can help alleviate fears associated with different medical treatments

• We know that many young adults with cancer do not want to `stress’ or `burden’ their loved ones by talking about their fears or concerns

• Our closed Facebook groups provide a safe space to talk about issues/topics that you wouldn’t normally discuss with your loved ones/carers

• We find that many of our members are a great resource for tips and hints to help with side effects of treatment

• 24/7 access to the group, allows for those late night questions and posts

• Many of our members have stated that connection to the closed Facebook groups has been a valuable resource to have – `because, they just get it’

At The Warwick Cancer Foundation, we not only connect you with other young adults with cancer, we also offer assistance in seeking other avenues of support (e.g. support groups, financial assistance programs, carer support, practical resources and much more…)

To get connected with other Young Adults like you or for more information about what help is available, become a member or contact us via our contact form, or phone 0429 728 960.

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