Fundraise for us

We are often asked for ways that an individual can help the Foundation.

The real answer is to be confident about your cause, and work within your means. Also, understand that there is no such thing as a donation which is too small!

We love to know that our supporters are out there raising funds for us. It is wonderful to receive a donation as we rely entirely on the community for our funding. It’s a huge task to raise the money we need for our vital support programs, and we can only do it with your help.

Like all charitable organisations, we are bound by the Charitable Fundraising Act, which was enacted to protect donors by ensuring that all fundraising activities are undertaken appropriately. Accordingly, it is important that we endorse all activities undertaken on behalf of the Foundation. We ask you to advise us about your activities. Please see the guidelines below about how to deal with a fundraiser.

There are many ways you can raise funds through us whether it be online, at your work or at home on the weekend.

These are some suggestions of ways you can raise money for us online:

  • Pick a fun run or walk in your state, set up your own fundraising page when you register and get your family and friends to sponsor you. A list of current events can be seen here.
  • Start a pledge on our behalf and encourage others to sign up too. You can start out small but create something huge!
  • Sell your unwanted goods on Ebay and donate the profits to us.

These are some suggestions of ways you can raise money for us at work or at home:

  • Host a fundraising party with drinks, nibblies, music and party games.
  • Hold a movie night showing favourite classics.
  • Host a dinner party. Ask your friends to bring a plate and ask for a donation as a cover charge.
  • Organise a Raffle. Look in your cupboards or ask local businesses to donate a few prizes such as wine, a service or a hamper. Sell tickets to friends and colleagues.
  • Have a Garage Sale and ask your neighbors, friends and family to donate household goods.
  • Make sure customers know that it is a fundraising event.
  • Host a sports day and play cricket, tennis or golf etc. You can ask for a discount at your local sports club or simply use your local park. You can charge a fee to guests and they will get to play, have some food (a sausage sizzle is cheap and easy) and have some fun.
  • Birthday, anniversary or wedding coming up? Ask friends for donations for The Warwick Cancer¬†Foundation in lieu of presents.

When you are holding a fundraising event for a charity it is important to be scrupulously clear about how you are doing it. You must keep careful records of your income and, if relevant, your expenditure and be prepared to show them to people.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible so we advise you to keep a record of the donors names, addresses and amount donated. We will issue receipts based on this information.

Please be aware that events which give the supporter something in return such as a lunch or dinner or goods purchased do not attract a tax deduction.

Please advise the office if you wish to use the Foundations name in your fundraising. If you plan to approach members of the public on our behalf you must be authorised to do so by us. We will issue a letter of authority where appropriate.

We are always happy to provide collection envelopes, pledge cards and awareness materials to support your fundraising efforts.

Please contact us to discuss your upcoming fundraising activity and thank you for your support.