Welcome to The Warwick Cancer Foundation

Dear Members and Friends,

The Warwick Cancer Foundation is currently unable to offer its regular support or services to Australians facing cancer diagnosis and treatment, their friends or family.

Our peer to peer Facebook page is still operating.

Anyone needing urgent care or advice should contact:

The Cancer Council Australia on 13 11 20

A message from the Founder of The Warwick Cancer Foundation:

After losing my beautiful brother Warwick at 35 to a brain tumour, I had a vision to keep him and his memory alive in some way. I wanted people under 40 to get the support that was missing and to have programs available that addressed their unique issues and challenges when diagnosed with cancer.

For the most part, almost ten years, The Warwick Cancer Foundation has delivered some amazing programs and supported thousands of Australians and their families.

While our recent major fundraiser has helped us to continue our day to day operations in the short term we did not raise enough funds to continue our important work in the long term. For a number of reasons in recent times, the foundation had lost its focus and strayed from its vision in many areas. I am hoping we can continue to get back to where we should be but in the mean time I am regrettably closing all programs.

The board members and I will be meeting next week to decide on a strategic plan moving forward

I am very sorry it has come to this and hope we can come up with a sustainable plan to get the programs going again. We will inform you of what is happening before the end of May.

Take care,

Samantha Lehmann